Pain can be seen as a driving force behind the most brilliant of artists. For Houston native OneHunnidt, initially beginning his star trek as a gifted poet, it would be the death of his younger brother that would forever alter his path (Onehunnidt's brother "Jj" was killed in a shooting in Houston February 2010 and was mentioned on Drake's hit single "Miss Me" featuring Lil Wayne in the line, "Forever in our Hearts. Jj, love ya boy") ; as he instead began turning his prose into rhymes and cadences over beats, resulting in the therapeutic Keep it 100; a poignant project chronicling the demise of a poet and the birth of an artist. This project won him two 2012 Houston Press Music Awards, Best Solo Rapper and Best Mixtape. After releasing his first mixtape Onehunnidt has quickly made a huge mark in "New Houston" indie rap scene by winning the SXSW Coast 2 Coast Performance Competition for his song "Father's Day", becoming an official SXSW Performing Act at StubHub Live's event at Old School with Big Krit and also having had opened for Yo Gotti, Stalley, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Trae the Truth, Lupe Fiasco, Jadakiss, Waka Flocka and many more. Today, OneHunnidt is fueled purely by confidence and ambition; the tragedy that spawned his first project giving way to reveal a talented, driven and lyrically impressive young artist. Having found his niche, he has gone on to win a number of accolades.
Album: Field Sobriety

Album: Field Sobriety

OneHunnidt “Field Sobriety” album, co-narrated by Cecilia Smith

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OneHunnidt “Field Sobriety” album, co-narrated by Cecilia Smith


Summer Breeze

The prequel to Onehunnidt’s up and coming Field Sobriety album this fall, Summer Breeze done with The Chopstars’ Slim K “Summer Breeze” mixtape

Keep It 100

The 2012 Houston Press Music Award Best Mixtape, Album: Keep It 100

The same year Onehunnidt also won the Houston Press Award for Best Solo Rapper

Ain’t Mad produced by Yung Knight

Ain’t Mad produced by Yung Knight.
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Keep It Onehunnidt

“I’m from the South - We  Keep It 100 "

  Interest in the performance arts began with poetry and open mic nights as a teenager decided to take things more serious and professionally after JJ was murdered music is my outlet, my therapy, my last hope for sanity and a positive way to support my family.  I represent for the have nots who still have hope and for those who still value hip hop with substance Noting his biggest influences to be Jay Z, Tupac, Pimp C, Lauryn Hill and Kanye West, Onehunnidt differs from other artists by bringing a tremendous amount of personality and personability in his music. Unafraid to be “different”, Onehunnidt’s real life experiences are his music’s substance, as he follows the motto: Keep It 100. In addition to stellar wordplay and stage presence, OneHunnidt is the founder and CEO of the NUMB3RS Committee, LLC music group. In Onehunnidt's words, "I want to be one of the few that hold true to the essence of what Hip Hop was in the beginning era. This is not a fade or just entertainment. This is a lifestyle. This is what blood, sweat and tears sound like on wax. This is what fun and anger look like on stage. The NUMB3RS Committee personifies art, our way. This is the heart the game is missing."
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